Holiday Wishlist 2011

Besides already being one of the happiliest married girls here in NYC, the rest of my wishlist has yet to be fulfilled!

This year on my Holiday wishlist… and I am hoping this sends some idea-vibes to the hubby

1- Burberry Prorsum Puffy Coat

I’ve actually always been opposed to the look, even though my mom would always try to convince me to get a long puffy coat. “Michelin man!” I’d call myself, even if it would be the best thing to keep me warm during the coldest nights of winter… I could never bring myself to sacrifice my aesthetics. Until now… how does Burberry and Rachel Bilson make it look so… chic?! Definitely, top of the list, purely because of how useful this purchase is! 🙂

2- Louboutin Splash Fur Platforms

Did you think shoes would be so far behind?! These were originally the heels I wanted to buy for the City Hall wedding… but good thing I didn’t, or my legs would have had to have been amputated due to frostbite and gangrene.

3- More shoes (how can you only pick one?!)

Pierre Hardy Circle Sandals

Jimmy Choo Platforms – saw these at Intermix – Sexy!

4- Alexander Wang Ipad Case

I recently bought the travel wallet version of this which fits everything and is the perfect clutch for a night out. There’s even a compartment for my phone! The iPad version would be great as a day-time clutch, and its time I replaced the white leather cover that has now turned a dirty grey…

My only complaint is that the outside of this case isn’t much to look at, but A.Wang is coming out with an eel skin version in the Spring which is super cool.

5- A Mary Katrantzou dress

Instantly recognizable due to cut and print – these dresses scream holiday festivities to me! I think mostly its the print… reminds me of holiday ornaments. Hey, RentTheRunway… how about adding some of these to your repertoire?

I’m sure there’s more I haven’t thought of, but its time for me to finish my morning coffee at… 1pm in the afternoon. Ah, Thanksgiving Day… what a great holiday!

Happy Thanksgiving Everyone!


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