A Major Purchase

I’ve never been the girl who dreamt of her wedding since she was little. I have no binders, no visions, no themes…no where to begin my search once I’d become engaged! All I knew was that I wanted something different.

This idea has proven itself to be difficult to fulfill after months and months of wedding dress searching. (another reason I was so glad to have gotten the official city hall wedding out of the way- I found the perfect casual but pretty dress and a wedding-appropriate headpiece…easy peasy!) But for the actual celebration, I’ve got a beautiful and pretty glamorous venue and now I need a frothy white concoction to match. Or maybe not frothy. I don’t know! The indecisiveness is stressing me out, and I’d been joking I’d end up at my wedding in nothing but pajamas. And hopefully those will be white.

I tried Casual Pretty at J. Crew, Bohemian Glam at Gabriella and Lovely, and chased both the newest Spring and Fall bridal lines at Vera Wang. Nothing screamed “I’m The One!” and now I am beginning to think that whole concept, like dating and finding The Perfect Guy, is only a myth. I’ve come across many beautiful dresses along the way, and I know none of them will be a horrible mistake. Now can I just man-up and make a decision?

This beautiful blush creation is from Vera’s Fall 2012 collection. I love the bottom of it, though I sort of go back and forth between feeling like a princess and feeling like…Pig Pen. Decision not made.


About The Oven is Not for Clothes!

Used to be "Single and cooking in the city", but let this be a lesson, Ladies Itching To Wed, once you learn how to cook, you'll be reeling in good catch ;) Does anyone read this thing!?

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