Accessorize Me!

Ever since I started finalizing my wedding deets, my mom has been offering to gift me a necklace as a wedding present – something sparkly to wear on my wedding day. But knowing her taste, and the expected bridal jewelry collections you see carbon copied everywhere – I’d shrugged off the gesture, assuring her that its not necessary, I don’t need a diamond necklace I’ll never wear again!

Until I saw this…

By British designer Shaun Leane, this necklace was designed for a makeup brand I’d never heard of and is a combination of gold and diamond. And of course, knowing my luck, this necklace is one of a kind and will be kept in display, not for sale ever in a million years. Sigh.


About The Oven is Not for Clothes!

Used to be "Single and cooking in the city", but let this be a lesson, Ladies Itching To Wed, once you learn how to cook, you'll be reeling in good catch ;) Does anyone read this thing!?

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