Better Than Press-On’s

Remember the old school press-on nails that we use to play with as little girls? Actually, maybe not so old school, I’m sure those things are still around. I used to play with the junk-food ghetto version – BUGLES! It was much more fun to wiggle my fingers around with bugles jammed onto the tip of each one. Salty delicious fun.

Bijules has made the grown-up version

Nail rings in silver and gold. And even encrusted in glittery sparkles if you’re real fancy. But I’m just the simple Bugle girl kind.

It’s on my wishlist!


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Used to be "Single and cooking in the city", but let this be a lesson, Ladies Itching To Wed, once you learn how to cook, you'll be reeling in good catch ;) Does anyone read this thing!?

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