Shoe Fiending on St. Pattys

Throngs of green-clad St. Patty’s day revelers couldn’t keep me from my goal today – trying on the beautiful feather Jimmy Choo’s that I had been eyeing online since last year.

We started the day bright and early. Fueled by my addiction to Meredith’s corn muffins, K and I headed straight downtown to Abingdon Square for my fix. 4 more months until they return to the spot a block away from my apartment. Sigh. We devoured our muffins on a bench in the square, and then headed back uptown to Union Square where we purchased some very fashionable active apparel at Paragon. Padded shorts, helmet, and leg warmers for me – weird compression thingies and new shorts for K. If it’s one thing he’s learned about me, it’s that in order to get me to be into any of the sporty activities he’s into – all we have to do is get me the sport-appropriate outfit. That’s how I finally started joining him on weekly runs. And that’s how he is going to get me to bike 20 miles tomorrow on 9W…

After Paragon – it was time for my reward for being so patient. Up to Saks! 10022- a full zip code of shoes – and I was unable to find beautiful Marlene! I tried on everything else – Sergio Rossi crystal encrusted heels, Jimmy Choo black and gold sandals, Valentino studded heels – but ended up with nothing. So we headed uptown to THE boutique on Madison Avenue – where I found Marlene, proudly displayed behind glass in a case by the back of the store.


Introducing… Marlene by Jimmy Choo

But then I also fell in love with these:

Mira by Jimmy Choo
Forget holding a bouquet on my wedding day – the bouquet’s on my feet!!!!

The ladies at the boutique are sooo sweet. But one purchase at a time – I’ll be back for Mira!!! Mark. My. Words.


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Used to be "Single and cooking in the city", but let this be a lesson, Ladies Itching To Wed, once you learn how to cook, you'll be reeling in good catch ;) Does anyone read this thing!?

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