Gown Viewing Day!

FINALLY got to see my dress after 4 months of waiting… apparently Vera’s alterations offices had moved to a NEW location, and thankfully, it was super convenient for me to get to from work. The space is very clean, minimal, but nice. No frills. Very nicely lit. They take you into a spacious room (actually about the same size as the Madison Ave boutique dressing rooms) and zip you in. My consultant also helped me get my 2 pairs of Choos out of their boxes (I had trouble deciding which ones to wear, so they let me borrow them for my viewing) and made quite a couple of comments about the funkiness of my choices.. not sure if that was a good thing.

With all my accessories in tow – we were able to cross off the list a necklace that I had brought from BCBG (too busy and didn’t go with the neckline) and sadly, the Jimmy Choo Mira Flower Sandals. Yes, I did run back to the store to pick it up, and made it there a minute passed closing time, the night before the gown viewing, because it was on sale, and I had the sales consultant’s cell phone on speed dial! Let’s just say she got a good laugh out of my shoe-fiending craziness.

I had a Jenny Packham headpiece with me, which looked nice with the dress, but made me look altogether extremely girly and princessy. Whether or not I decide to keep that, we’ll see once I schedule my hair and makeup trial.

And now, I’ve got the next 3 gown fittings for alterations scheduled in my calendar, let’s space out the juice cleanses, shall we? Bridal bootcamp is ON! 🙂

I leave you with this image, another gown I did not choose.



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