I’ve got a screwy countdown going on at The Wedding Website, in actuality The Big Day is really less than 2 months away and I am giddy with excitement whenever I think about it!!!

The dress(es)… the shoes… the party!

There is still much to do, and I have been in communications with the band who has just reached out to me to nail down some details, and I’m sure some others will soon be in contact too. I have to put together my must-have shots for the photographer, I’m debating whether or not I need to inform my florist of the dress change so she can edit her bouquet design accordingly, and I still need to order the wedding favors!!! As each RSVP starts rolling in, I get more and more excited for what’s-to-come. I can barely keep my train of thought from running off track.

And yes, I did say DRESSES. I’ve ended up with more than 1 because just when I think I’ve made up my mind about my true dream dress love, I feel the guilt of having the other option there. And now that the dress has officially gone into alterations so that it fits like a dream, I can’t let it go! So. I will have more than 1 dress. Because what fun is having 2 perfect fitting dresses if they aren’t both worn? (I don’t know, I think that logic might only make sense in my head.)

I wish so much I could post up some pictures of the dresses, but I just hate spoiling the surprise!!! Let’s just hint that one is flowy and ethereal, and the other is origami on crack! And you can guess which one was my obvious favorite. 🙂

Dress fitting #1 was a success, and a moment of realization set in – I need to break in my wedding shoes!! So now I have no excuses to not prance around in those beauties. I just can’t let anyone know that those are THE beauties. Right? Or maybe it doesn’t matter whether or not the shoes are a surprise. I got to my fitting right on time, spanx and shoes on, and the dress slipped on easily – sigh of relief. I am considering ditching the spanx because they are not at all comfortable and start to bunch up around my waist after about 2 minutes of moving around. We pinned in about 2 inches off the bodice, and Sofia started going to work on the hem, painstakingly pinning each layer of fabric up. After what felt to me like hours, and to Sofia can only have felt worse crouching so low to the ground, I was instructed to walk around the dressing room while Sofia yelled at me to keep my face up! It’s hard to walk around without looking down at my feet, it seems! I keep thinking I’d trip over the front, but I guess this little exercise was to prevent that from happening on The Day. I basically dashed out of my shoes and back into my flats after the fitting was over. Standing still in 6″ heels is not fun. I wish I could have gotten a copy of that alterations form they filled out with my measurements. When someone instructs you to not lose any more weight, it’d be a good idea to keep track with some numbers so I don’t go crazy “maintaining” with pasta. 😉


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Used to be "Single and cooking in the city", but let this be a lesson, Ladies Itching To Wed, once you learn how to cook, you'll be reeling in good catch ;) Does anyone read this thing!?

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