The subway station at Bryant Park has the perfect tunnel. Connecting the 7 train to the B D F trains, the tunnel is lit so it always looks like daylight and is a long extruded rectangle, perfectly finished in cement and marble – a straight shot – you can see from one end to the next. But we aren’t here to discuss the construction details of one of the oldest networks of transportation in NYC. Free of obstructions (unless you count the panhandlers with their bootleg dvds strewn along the sides), the smooth and level passageway is a fashionista’s imaginary runway, the passers-by an audience. And although they may not know it, those Burberry buckle boots I’ve got strapped to my feet are what I’ve deemed worthy of a great strut and a million envious stares.

I suppose I had never grown out of my little girl playing dress up phase. My heart skips a beat when I see anything covered in feathers (and yes – I would wear feathers.) I wish I could say that I would pick quality over quantity, but the more luxurious the item I get, the more I want! Until the next moment I am lured away from my computer (surely in search of my next fashion fix), this website will be my photo diary – a place to fuel my addiction.


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